American Associations Day is March 28 & 29. On these days, hundreds of your association colleagues will visit Capitol Hill to discuss several vital issues on the 2019 agenda. Those of you who are unable to be here in person can use social media to help ensure our story is told – Associations help make America stronger every day.

In addition to simply Retweeting our content by following @Power_of_A on Twitter, you can post on your own social channels in support of the community using #PowerofA. Below are some sample Tweets, and you can find images and copy to accompany your posts on our website.

Proud to be part of American Associations Day and demonstrate the #PowerofA on Capitol Hill! @Power_of_A

Federal legislators need to know the positive impact #PowerofA has in our communities. <Organization> is doing its part at @ASAEcenter’s American Associations Day. @Power_of_A

Demonstrating the #PowerofA in Congress today because associations make America stronger every day! @Power_of_A

<Organization> joins @ASAEcenter today during American Associations Day to show Congress how the #PowerofA helps build a stronger America. @Power_of_A

Thank you in advance. Please mark your calendars to remind yourself to play an important role in sharing our story.


The ASAE Public Policy Team