ASAE and the Professional Certification Coalition have been monitoring Michigan House Bill 6114 as it relates to certification issues. This legislation calls for a commission to make recommendations, rather than mandating statutory or regulatory changes, so its impact on the certification community is less direct than some of the other legislation we have been monitoring. Nonetheless, there are still changes our community would like to make to improve the legislation. Yesterday at a hearing of the Committee on Regulatory Reform, Cheryl Ronk, CAE, CMP, FASAE, and Taylor Benavente from the Michigan Society of Association Executives testified and recommended positive changes that could be made to the bill.

“The occupational licensing agencies MSAE is fortunate enough to work with continue to demonstrate their worth in not only the protection of consumers, but also in the daily advancement and benefit of their industries,” said Taylor Benavente of MSAE. “A large part of protecting our citizens is made possible by the standard-setting occupational regulations they offer. MSAE was proud to offer testimony on HB 6114 to support healthy communities and the best practices which associations uniquely promote.”

ASAE believes that the legislative language could be improved to better balance the need for market competition with consumer protection and to make the evidentiary standard for meeting the state’s new policy on establishing that occupational regulation serves the public interest more realistic.
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