The Louisiana Senate earlier today passed the revised version of House Bill 748, which was amended last week to clearly permit the use of professional certification credentials in the state.

The bill, titled “The Occupational Licensing Review Act,” was intended to increase employment opportunities by loosening licensing requirements for certain jobs, but the bill text was initially worded to restrict individuals holding a voluntary certification from using the term “certified” in their title.

ASAE sounded the alarm with its grassroots network across the country when the bill was circulating, and joined a coalition of like-minded groups working toward a solution. After the industry registered its concern, the bill’s sponsor and other Louisiana lawmakers agreed to remove the certification provision in the Senate. Thanks to the many ASAE members, as well as members of the Louisiana Society of Association Executives (LSAE), who contacted Louisiana legislators about the bill and effectively got the bill text changed.

HB 748 as amended has now been sent back to the House for another vote of concurrence on the House floor. While we do not expect any changes to the bill in the House, we will be closely watching this vote, which is likely to occur this week. The Louisiana Legislature is widely expected to adjourn regular session on Friday so House action should be imminent.

Again, thank you to everyone who weighed in on this issue. If you have any questions about HB 748 in Louisiana, please contact ASAE’s Public Policy team at 202-626-2703 or