ASAE was just alerted to legislation that has passed the Missouri legislature that would be extremely harmful to professional credentialing. We are asking Governor Greitens to veto this legislation. We know there are issues with the Governor and legislature, so we also ask that concerned associations reach out to the Missouri legislature as well.

House Bill 1719, the Professional Employer Organization Act, is deeply concerning for the following reasons:
•    It would take under state control the hundreds of non-governmental professional credentialing programs using the term “certification.”
•    The bill would limit the right to use the title “registered” to those professionals whom state law requires to register with the state. It precludes professionals who hold private credentials using the term “registered” from truthfully advertising their earned credentials.
•    Finally, the bill establishes standards for state-controlled licensing programs that are so rigorous and unrealistic that they could effectively result in ending state licensing of the professions, including doctors, lawyers, accountants, architects, etc.

As such, we are asking Governor Greitens to not sign HB 1719. To see ASAE’s letter to Governor Greitens click here. 

From the outset of the legislative process, the objective of HB 1719, was to modify the state government’s approach to the licensing of occupations and professional employer organizations. On its face, the bill did not give any indication that it would redefine “certification” as an exclusively governmental function, blocking the role of private organizations in certifying an individual’s professional qualifications.

It is our understanding that the Missouri Governor has 45 days from bill passage (May 18) to act on a piece of legislation. As such, time is extremely limited. We will keep you apprised of any new developments. For questions contact ASAE’s Public Policy team at 202.626.2787 or