The House Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee held a hearing Dec. 13 to discuss ways to restructure the IRS.

Oversight Subcommittee Chairman Vern Buchanan (R-FL) said he is working on legislation that could be introduced next year that would make changes to the agency.

Congressional Republicans have cut the IRS budget by nearly 20 percent since 2010, penalizing the agency in particular for improperly scrutinizing tax-exempt applications by conservative groups several years ago. Buchanan was not specific about any changes he would like to see at the agency but said he wants to improve the taxpayer experience.

“Improving the relationship between the IRS and taxpayers starts with ensuring that taxpayer rights are being respected,” Buchanan said. “Key taxpayer rights include the right to be informed, the right to quality service, and the right to a fair and just tax system.”

Subcommittee members and witnesses expressed concern during the hearing that the IRS won’t be up to the task of administering all the changes in the tax bill that Congress appears ready to pass, perhaps as soon as next week.

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