ASAE is proud to recognize the following 2017 Power of A Silver Award winners for their efforts to educate and protect the public.

American Bar Association – Flood Proof

In Louisiana it is not uncommon for people to live in their deceased relative’s house for decades and never formally establish ownership of the property. Although a person may have inherited a piece of property and pay taxes on it, the person did not go through the official title transfer procedures which require the opening of a court procedure known as succession. Since they do not have established home ownership and title to their property, they cannot receive disaster relief funds or private insurance disbursements. The ABA Center for Innovation partnered with Southeast Louisiana Legal Services, Stanford University Law School, LSU Law Center and Louisiana Appleseed to create a mobile phone application that assists homeowners with the collection of documents and data necessary to establish title. Flood Proof connects people to free attorney help, guides them through the document gathering process, and collects information that will be needed to establish home ownership.

Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers – Filter It Out

Counterfeit and deceptively labeled water filters are flooding into U.S. markets from overseas and sold online every day. Consumers purchase the filters thinking that they are buying genuine, certified filters, and for a cheaper price than brand-name products. These filters do not always meet the safety and structural standards that consumers, regulators and refrigerator manufacturers expect. AHAM, in partnership with 17 home appliance brands and with support from IAPMO R&T, NSF International & Water Quality Association (WQA), launched Filter It Out, a public education campaign to inform consumers about the problem of counterfeit and deceptively labeled water filters for refrigerators.

Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association – Baby Safety Month

Every September, JPMA sponsors Baby Safety Month in an effort to educate parents and caregivers on important safety issues affecting our nation’s children. Baby Safety Month is JPMA’s largest consumer-facing program and a key opportunity to engage baby store retailers and industry stakeholders while increasing consumer awareness of the safe use and selection of baby gear.

American Association for Justice – Trial Lawyers Saving Teen Lives-End Distracted Driving

The American Association for Justice called on its members to volunteer by speaking with teens about how they can prevent distracted driving-related deaths. Motivated to save teen lives and reduce distracted driving, hundreds of lawyers reached more than 250,000 teens across North America by giving End Distracted Driving presentations to school and community groups. But there was more to be done. Working with EndDD, AAJ over 400 AAJ members volunteered and touched over 60,000 students, imparting knowledge about the dangers and potential negative impact of distracted driving.

Council for Responsible Nutrition – The Supplement OWL (Online Wellness Library)

The Supplement OWL (Online Wellness Library)—the dietary supplement product registry—is designed to help create a rich and more complete picture of the dietary supplement marketplace for regulators, retailers, industry stakeholders, and, ultimately, consumers. The Supplement OWL is intended to serve as a resource for these audiences to identify dietary supplement products, their ingredients, and the companies who market them.

Institute of Food Technologists – Global Food Traceability Center

In 2013, IFT established the Global Food Traceability Center (GFTC) as a global go-to resource and authoritative voice on food traceability. Since the launch of the Center, IFT has conducted numerous research projects across six food sectors from bakery, dairy, meat and poultry, produce, seafood and processed foods, to promote best practices in food traceability. GFTC also conducted a benchmarking study to evaluate the regulatory framework for traceability in 21 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries to promote greater harmonization among governments. Utilizing these research findings, IFT’s GFTC conducted numerous education and training workshops across North, Central and South America, the European Union and South-east Asia to work with small, midsized and large enterprises for enabling improved traceability practices across the global food system.

American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc. with American Speech-Language-Hearing Association –  Empowering Consumer Education & Choice in Health Care Benefits

In 2014, AOTA released a report that consumers in many cases do not have access to adequate information about rehabilitation and habilitation benefits in health plans; and insurance carriers in many cases did not seem to be complying with the essential health benefit benchmark standards for coverage of rehabilitative and habilitative services. AOTA took these findings to state and federal officials, who in turn suggested that they raise their concerns with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). AOTA reached out to ASHA to discuss a collaborative project to monitor the ongoing discussions of the NAIC workgroup tasked with revising the summary of benefits coverage (SBC) templates. Together, they submitted proposed language asking the NAIC workgroup to consider enhancing the instructions used by insurers to complete the SBC documents. As a result, the revised SBC and related materials help increase consumers’ health literacy of rehabilitative and habilitative services. The instructions now require plans to list physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology, and any quantitative limits on those therapies, on every SBC.

ASAE’s Power of A Awards highlight the association community’s valuable contributions to society on the local, national and global level. They honor the outstanding accomplishments of associations and industry professionals in the areas of strengthening lives, forging a more trained and highly competitive workforce, enhancing the economy, driving innovation and making a better world.

A complete listing of Summit, Gold and Silver winners can be found here. Thank you to all who entered, and congratulations to all the winners.  Nominations will open in January for 2018 recognition.