ASAE is proud to recognize the following 2017 Power of A Silver Award winners for their efforts to promote and advance public safety and security.

Tulsa Regional Chamber – Vision Tulsa

The Tulsa Regional Chamber recognized the City of Tulsa was falling behind peer cities like Oklahoma City, which were successfully marketing and passing local improvement packages. Without a devoted revenue stream to fund both core services and initiate necessary economic development, the viability of the city —and its future—were in jeopardy. With a sales tax set to expire in 2016, the Tulsa Regional Chamber convened community leaders and elected officials from across the region, and began to plan a successor package to continue critical funding opportunities. The result of the Chamber’s strategic campaign effort was the passage of “Vision Tulsa,” an $884.1 million tax renewal package that went to a vote on April 5, 2016. Dollars were targeted to address public safety and street needs, while also investing in economic development and job creation opportunities.

California Landscape Contractors Association – Water Management Certification Program

In California, water is the most needed resource. Its recent five-year drought (worst since 1571) drove that home to California’s 38 million residents and made international news. Reservoirs were at historic lows and groundwater resources were near exhaustion. Drought was not new. In 2004, the California Legislature asked stakeholders to suggest ways to improve California’s water use efficiency. CLCA went much further and took it as a challenge. Launched as a pilot program in 2007 and officially unveiled in 2008, the program is the only performance based certification program dedicated to saving California’s most precious resource: water.

American Medical Group Association – Measure Up/Pressure Down® National High Blood Pressure Campaign

Approximately one in three U.S. adults has high blood pressure, yet only half have their condition controlled and 16% are unaware they have the disease. Many of the one million heart attacks and 700,000 strokes that occur annually are linked to poorly controlled high blood pressure. This chronic condition costs the nation an estimated $131 billion in direct and indirect costs annually.

While many awareness campaigns and other initiatives strive to move the needle on hypertension, no national health programs have ever focused on improving hypertension management through coordinated care delivery―until AMGA’s nationally recognized Measure Up/Pressure Down® campaign.

Informed by decades of research, data analysis, and collaborative projects conducted by AMGA, Measure Up/Pressure Down® challenged its members (medical groups and health systems) to implement up to eight evidence-based interventions to measurably improve the health of their patients with high blood pressure.

New Jersey Business & Industry Association – “Outmigration By the Numbers: How Do We Stop the Exodus?”

The New Jersey Business & Industry Association’s 2016 research report, “Outmigration by the Numbers: How Do We Stop the Exodus?” documented New Jersey’s loss of $18 billion in net adjusted gross income over a decade because so many residents, particularly seniors and millennials, were leaving NJ for tax-friendlier states. Research demonstrated the significant economic impact this has had on NJ during that 10-year period: an $8.4 billion loss in household spending; $11.4 billion in lost economic output; a loss of 75,000 jobs; and $4 billion in total lost labor income. The data also showed the correlation between New Jersey’s extremely high cost of living and onerous tax policies that have made this state unaffordable, especially for retirees and the young people, the future workforce. Their research set the agenda in the Statehouse for the first steps toward meaningful tax reform, the most significant of which was the repeal of the NJ Estate Tax, a major reason why so many senior citizens and small business owners grappling with succession planning opt to leave New Jersey for states without a death tax. Other significant tax reforms spurred by the report included raising the threshold for taxing pension and retirement income so that more senior citizens can afford to stay in New Jersey. Accountants and financial planners, who had been telling clients for years not to retire in New Jersey because of the estate tax and tax on pension income, have now changed that advice because of the enactment of the reforms NJBIA advocated. The elimination of the estate tax, and the change in the threshold for taxing retirement income, are major achievements that will help curb outmigration and boost economic activity.

A complete listing of Summit, Gold and Silver winners can be found here. Thank you to all who entered, and congratulations to all the winners.  Nominations will open in January for 2018 recognition.