On Tuesday the Supreme Court put on hold a ruling from a federal appeals court that would have permitted refugees who have a contractual agreement with a resettlement organization to still enter the U.S. The administration asked the Supreme Court to stay the decision by the lower courts on refugees. The administration did not challenge the circuit court ruling that would allow grandparents and other close relatives from entering the U.S.

There were no recorded dissents to the decision. The move was viewed by some legal scholars to be an effort by the court to maintain the status quo before they hear the case next month. The court will hear two cases on the travel ban jointly on October 10.

The timing of the travel ban may also impact the Supreme Court decision. The ban was supposed to be temporary, 90 days for citizens of the six countries and 120 for refugees. The time period for citizens will have passed by the time the justices hear the case.

ASAE remains concerned that policies like the travel ban are giving foreign visitors pause as they weigh whether to come to the U.S. right now. We are hopeful that the government factors into its decision-making our well-deserved reputation as a welcoming destination for foreign visitors.