Association of Equipment Manufacturers – Showcasing What’s Next for the Industry

Association of Equipment Manufacturers earned a 2017 ASAE Power of A Gold Award for it’s The Tech Experience initiative, a conference experience covering 75,000 feet, featuring three primary hands-on zones, a dedicated speaker’s pavilion, 3D printing workshop, the world’s first 3D printed excavator, and a drone-racing and demonstration cage – all encouraging attendees to see, touch, and test what’s next for the industry.

ASAE honored AEM’s experience, which invited attendees to “Imagine What’s Next,” brought forward the most engaging and ground-breaking technology to their 900+ member base and more than 80 non-member organizations and individuals – including academic, government, and private institutions around the world.

The primary areas of the Tech Experience include an Infrastructure Zone, Jobsite Zone, Workforce Zone, Tech Talks Zone, and a 3D Printworks Zone, an active workshop which highlighted ground-breaking additive-manufacturing advancements including 3Dprinted steel and 3D printing with soil, as well as the collaboration and maker-movement mentality that created the world’s first 3D printed excavator.

Association of State and Territorial Health Officials – Using Data to Drive the Future

The Association of State and Territorial Health Officials earned a 2017 ASAE Power of A Gold Award for its Public Health Workforce Interests and Needs Survey (PH WINS), the first ever nationally representative dataset on the public health workforce. The goals of the program are to identify the need for investments in public health workforce, enable leaders to understand trends in workforce attitudes, morale, and climate, establish the first baseline for public health competencies nationwide, and modernize data collection methods in the field of public health.

ASAE honored PH WINS program for its efforts to gather data on those responsible for safeguarding the nation against emerging and remerging infectious diseases such as Zika and the Ebola virus, as there was a surprisingly small amount of evidence about the workers who develop the regulations, interventions, and programs that keep the population safe.

The Public Health Workforce Interests and Needs Survey (PH WINS) was launched with the partnership and support of the de Beaumont Foundation. Approximately 40,000 state health agency workers, along with a sampling of local health departments, were invited to participate. Over 20,000 workers from 37 states responded. Data was gathered on aspects of the workplace environment such as morale and job satisfaction, as well as demographic characteristics of individual workers, motivations to enter public health, the amount of turnover expected in the next five years, and top training needs among various public health roles and program areas.

College of American Pathologists – Bolstering Industry Standards

College of American Pathologists earned a 2017 ASAE Power of A Gold Award for CAP Pathology and Laboratory Quality Centers, which establish quality patient care by creating rigorous standards for pathology and laboratory medicine.

ASAE honored CAP’s Centers which develop evidence-based guidelines where the published evidence is compelling, and issues consensus statements where the evidence is evolving but solid, well-established practice patterns exist. The guidelines are systematically developed statements aiming to assist practitioner and patient decision-making about appropriate health care for specific clinical circumstances.

The Centers’ initiatives enable pathologists to improve patient care and increase patient safety through accurate diagnosis, prognosis, and involvement in therapeutic decision-making. Evidence-based guideline development emphasizes the vital role pathologists play in the patient treatment team with tools to lead or directly participate in patient care activities, and gives patients the knowledge and confidence to take a more active role in their treatments. They adhere to the National Academy of Medicine’s internationally recognized and rigorous standards for developing trustworthy clinical practice guidelines, ensuring a transparent and unbiased approach.

Edison Electric Institute – Transforming Industry Communications

Edison Electric Institute earned a 2017 ASAE Power of A Gold Award for its Lexicon Project, an initiative to transform the way the industry communicates with its customers and other external stakeholders, with a customer-tested vocabulary, in order to reshape how an entire industry communicates about its most important issues with its most important audiences.

ASAE honored EEI’s program whose goal was to simplify the electric power industry’s language, while making it forward-looking and customer-friendly. The ultimate goal was to ensure the public hears the message that the electric power industry is working to deliver an energy future that is smarter, cleaner, and stronger, and electric companies are continuously improving and making major investments in technology and infrastructure.

Beginning with strong customer insights gleaned from both qualitative and quantitative research, the Lexicon Project includes extensive materials development, in-person and interactive training, media engagement, and additional research phases to expand its breadth. Largely driven by communicators, the initiative has now engaged functions across each member organization—from the C-Suite to government affairs, regulatory, legal, operations, and beyond.

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