For its actions to ensure care for women in need and demonstrate the power of its profession, College of American Pathologists Foundation earned a 2017 ASAE Power of A Summit Award for its See, Test, Treat® initiative, a free cervical and breast cancer screening program conducted by pathologists at volunteer health institutions, with gynecologists, radiologists, nurse practitioners, medical technologists, and other members of the healthcare team.

“See, Test & Treat® is guided by the belief that no woman in America should die from undiagnosed cervical or breast cancer,” said Karim Sirgi, MD, FCAP, President of the CAP Foundation. “Our program has become a national model not only in cancer prevention but in health education and improved outcomes for at-risk families, citizens and communities. We are seeing a surge in interest by pathologists, hospitals, health systems and clinics to host a See, Test & Treat® program in their communities and we believe this award will help us meet, and expand, that demand and ultimately save lives.”

ASAE honored CAP Foundation’s program which provides same day results, HPV testing, and timely treatment for abnormal or cancer diagnoses to uninsured women who can’t afford to go to the doctor; low income and working women who place their children’s health care ahead of their own; women facing significant cultural or language barriers; and women who lack regular access to quality health care in their communities.

Each program serves 50-125 women who receive health education while they await their results. Educators and interpreters deliver interactive information about ongoing breast and cervical health, smoking cessation, nutrition, exercise, and healthy lifestyles. Additional community specific testing often includes HIV, Hepatitis B, diabetes, hypertension, dermatology, and kidney function. Since many women bring two to three family or community members to this program, they also share in the health education, growing the impact.  Every attendee has the opportunity to meet with insurance and health experts to learn whether they qualify for existing programs, such as Medicaid and referrals to a wide range of community health and social services.

The CAP Foundation assumed operational and fundraising support for the See, Test & Treat® women’s cancer screening program in 2012. The program has grown significantly from two to 16 programs throughout the nation, with additional programs scheduled for 2018. By the end of this year, nearly 5,000 women will receive lifesaving screening, health care and education through the See, Test & Treat initiative.

ASAE’s Power of A (association) Awards, the industry’s highest honor, recognize the association community’s valuable contributions on the local, national and global levels.  The Power of A Awards reward the outstanding accomplishments of associations and industry professionals who work tirelessly to strengthen lives, the workforce, our systems and structures, the economy and the world.

Congratulations and thank you to College of American Pathologists Foundation for exemplifying how associations strengthen the world.