For its ingenuity, collaboration and look to the future, Soroptimist earned a 2017 ASAE Power of A Summit Award for its Dream It. Be It. Career Support for Girls program, which provides girls with access to professional role models, career education and the resources to live their dreams and grow up to be strong, successful, happy adults.

“We conducted extensive research to understand the needs of girls across the globe. Our team learned that girls believe they can be anything and do anything, yet they don’t have a roadmap to meet their goals. Soroptimist members fill this gap by providing resources and helping to develop girls’ skills so they have the tools to live their dreams,” said Elizabeth Lucas, Executive Director and CEO of Soroptimist.

Soroptimist clubs work in partnership with girls in small groups and conference settings to provide them with the information and resources they need to be successful. Topics covered include career opportunities, setting and achieving goals, overcoming obstacles to success and how to move forward after setbacks or failures.

More than 14,000 girls in 14 countries have participated in the program since its launch in 2015. As a result, program participants are more confident about their future success and are prepared to pursue their career goals and to overcome obstacles.

Soroptimist aims to increase its collective impact by creating sustainable, measurable change in the lives of girls. Its members care deeply about addressing issues such as teen dating violence, trafficking, teen pregnancy, domestic violence and poverty. By increasing girls’ access to mentors and education and career resources, the team collectively reduces the number of girls affected by the social issues such as those mentioned above.

ASAE’s Power of A (association) Awards, the industry’s highest honor, recognize the association community’s valuable contributions on the local, national and global levels.  The Power of A Awards reward the outstanding accomplishments of associations and industry professionals who work tirelessly to strengthen lives, the workforce, our systems and structures, the economy and the world.

Congratulations and thank you to Soroptimist as for exemplifying how associations strengthen the world.