On Wednesday the Congressional Budget Office released an assessment of the House Republican’s American Health Care Act (AHCA). The CBO report states the AHCA would reduce the federal deficit by $119 billion over the next decade. The cost savings would come from an $884 billion cut in Medicaid as well as reductions in individual insurance subsidies. The plan is also projected to leave 23 million more people without insurance in 2026. Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) said yesterday, “This CBO report again confirms that the American Health Care Act achieves our mission: lowering premiums and lowering the deficit.”

The CBO score of deficit savings in excess of $2 billion means the AHCA can be sent to the Senate and passed using the budget reconciliation process with a simple majority. Yet the Senate is expected to make substantive changes to the legislation. A working group of 13 senators is currently crafting a Senate plan. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said, “I don’t know how we get to 50 (votes) at the moment, but that’s the goal.”