The International Sign Association (ISA) is one of five organizations honored this year with the National Journal Innovation Award, which recognizes innovative and proven solutions to challenges in the advocacy world.

ISA was recognized for developing an adaptable master story that articles a shared vision for how staff should work with each other and policymakers to solve industry challenges, and a set of processes for surfacing constituent stories that reinforce that broad narrative. ISA’s storytelling is designed to help local, state and federal leaders understand fully the impact that regulations and laws have on the sign, graphics and visual communications industry.

The ISA’s master story was created via an inclusive, day-long retreat that built consensus among staff from all corners of the association. Thereafter, the group determined what type of story themes – for example, economic security or health and well-being – staff should seek out, and assigned responsibility for chasing down details and developing story language to ensure that their master narrative was reinforced by great constituent examples.

In the year or two that have passed, ISA staff has collected just over 100 constituent stories that reveal the impact that good sign policy can have on communities.

“ISA is honored by this National Journal Leadership Council Award,” said Lori Anderson, ISA president and CEO. “Our industry has a great story to tell of how signs build stronger businesses and communities. This only confirms the impacts that our advocacy efforts are having.”

Congratulations to ISA on this prestigious award. That’s The Power of A.