House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) said this week he wants to avoid adding a package of tax extenders to the omnibus spending bill that the House will likely take up in December.

Congress is close to passing a stop-gap spending bill that would fund the government through Dec. 9, at which point lawmakers will look to pass the year-end omnibus that sets appropriations levels for most of fiscal year 2017. Brady said this week he does not want to add taxes to the omnibus bill, including technical corrections.

House Republicans “do not support an extenders bill, and that will continue to be our position,” Brady told Bloomberg BNA this week. “I believe those provisions that are temporary need to be part of the overall tax reform discussion. I believe if you allow one extender it will grow to 10, and then we’re back into that same circus at the end of the year that frankly has created real problems in the past.”