House Republicans this week are attempting to move their first spending bill of the year, while continuing to say they haven’t given up on passing a budget resolution.

The first spending bill up this week would fund the Department of Veterans Affairs. VA funding is too controversial, but the appropriations process can always get complicated depending on the number of amendments lawmakers have to wade through. The House and Senate are running out of time to move the 12 annual spending bills as both chambers are set to recess on July 15 for the national party conventions.

While Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) has said repeatedly that he would like to restore an orderly budget process, Congress doesn’t necessarily need to this year. The budget deal approved last year establishes top-line numbers and budget enforcement features so that a regular order appropriations process can go forward. House conservatives have stalled consideration of a budget for months because they believe the budget deal reached last year calls for too much spending.