Susan Neely

On October 1st, ASAE and the association community celebrated “The Power of Associations” at the 15th Annual Summit Awards Dinner in Washington, DC. The Summit Awards Dinner is ASAE’s signature event of the year showcasing the unique and indispensable role that associations play in America and around the world in bettering communities, fostering volunteer efforts, and harnessing the collective will and expertise of their members to ensure a better quality of life.

ASAE’s Summit Award winners both inspire us as a community, and give us specific examples of how associations benefit society. All of our organizations have success stories that can be shared with policymakers, the media and other audiences to encourage a clearer understanding of what associations actually do and what they contribute to society.

That’s essentially the impetus behind The Power of A, which is an association industry brand that we all can use to talk about the size and scope of activity in our community, and the value in seeking out the association industry’s perspectives when it comes to policymaking.

We hope that you’ll embrace the power of storytelling and make The Power of A part of your own organizations’ messaging this year and in the years ahead.