One week from today the midterm elections have the potential to greatly change the makeup of Congress. A new Congress is likely to increase the pace of legislation and could take on some big-ticket issues (like comprehensive tax reform) that have been stalled until now. As such, we need your help. Join us for American Associations Day, the only legislative fly-in for association professionals, on March 18-19, 2015, and join your association colleagues in advocating on issues that have real implications for all of our organizations. Last year, a record number of participants came from 36 states, and this year the issues facing the association community and our exempt purposes are even greater.

This year’s sessions will feature briefs on timely issues like tax reform and nonprofit governance, as well as a primer on getting the most out of your congressional meetings. In addition, get valuable face time with colleagues from your home state, association CEOs, the ASAE Board of Directors, and other leaders in the association community. To help with our geographic representation, ASAE is offering a scholarship to those outside the DC-metro area.

American Associations Day brings together association professionals to share their stories with Congressional offices about important issues facing our community. Each day we hear more news on issues that could change the way we work for our members and manage our own associations. From changes to the tax code that could affect the tax treatment of associations’ revenue-generating activities, to considerations of “political activities” that may alter how we advocate for our members, this is an important year to be present on Capitol Hill reminding our Members of Congress of the value that we bring to their states and districts.

This election will bring new Members of Congress to Washington that may not have a great familiarity with our community. Attend American Associations Day to tell your member of Congress that your association, and all of those in your state, are driving the economy and improving society. Because if they have no idea why associations matter, then how will they stand up for us?

Register today by contacting Mary Kate Cunningham at 202-626-2787 or Visit to learn more.