More than 15,000 Collegiate DECA members are in college and university classrooms studying marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality and management. Collegiate DECA brings their learning to life by allowing them to apply their knowledge in realistic business scenarios. 1,500 top performing members from local, district and state/provincial qualifying rounds will travel to Washington, DC in April 2014 to compete at Collegiate DECA’s highest level of competition – the International Career Development Conference.

While in Washington, DC Collegiate DECA members will be given a case study that requires them in a team or individually to quickly solve a business-related problem. Collegiate DECA members participating in written events will prepare to deliver their presentations that they have been perfecting for nearly six months.

Each Collegiate DECA member will present their case study solutions, business plans or projects to judges in their respective areas of competition hoping to make a lasting impression. Collegiate DECA invites you to volunteer your time to serve as a judge and evaluator.  As a judge you’ll evaluate innovative ideas from forward-thinking members while expanding your professional network and impacting the lives of our future — all in a day’s work.  REGISTER AS A JUDGE AT Over 200 volunteer judges are needed on April 25 and April 26, 2014.