Today, the state Exchanges nationwide were open for business and individuals and small employers could begin looking at insurance plans offered on the Exchange.  While coverage would not begin until January 2014, this was the first opportunity for people to examine what plans were available and if they were as affordable as promised.

This post will be updated with news that may come in throughout the day but here are some initial reporting on the first day of the Affordable Care Act’s biggest deadline:

  • The SHOP websites in states where the federal government are running the Exchanges are down, and small employers are not able log on to view plan options.  HHS officials have told the media they are working to correct the error and allow small employers to at least log on to the site.
  • Due to some glitches in their websites, Maryland and Minnesota asked residents and businesses to wait until noon to log into the site.
  • After a brief delay, the federal website that directs people to their state Exchanges and verifies their eligibility is up and running.
  • Locally, DC officials reported that 1,500 residents had created profiles in the DC Health Link portal within the first 90 minutes of the site going live.