A new book authored by two of the principals of Boxwood Technology Inc. reinforces the critical role associations can play in solving our nation’s workforce readiness challenges.

The A+ Solution – How America’s Professional Societies and Trade Associations Can Solve the Nation’s Workforce Skills Crisis calls attention to the major skills gap crisis in the U.S. workforce, evidenced by stubbornly high unemployment numbers and 3.9 million jobs that are open and waiting to be filled by qualified workers. The A+ Solution contends that the existing education and training resources of nonprofit associations are a viable, ready resource for solving this significant problem.

The book is authored by John Bell, founder and CEO of Boxwood Technology, and Christine Smith, president and COO of Boxwood, and serves as a policy prescription for lawmakers who are trying to solve the nation’s skills gap crisis with a federally funded education program that excludes the more than 70,000 associations that spend over $3 billion a year on professional development programs, most of which are available to members and non-members alike.

The book has a companion website, www.theaplussolution.com, where people can find more information and send a message to their congressional representatives letting them know that associations are a ready resource for solving this workforce skills crisis.