I am a regular attendee to the annual conference of the Association of State Pest Control Regulatory Officials which discuss various issues relevant to the regulation of pesticides both on the federal and state levels and, oftentimes, has discussions regarding overlapping jurisdictions.   Without federal participation, participants would be left going from federal to state and likely back again for definitive answers.  Further, being from Hawaii I doubt that I would ever have had an opportunity to meet, converse and participate with federal EPA officials.  Successfully getting a federal employee with sufficient jurisdiction to answer questions to come to Hawaii is difficult.  Either they have to defend accusations of going on a junket or they do not have the budget.

I also annually coordinate a conference of nine separate sub trades from the construction industry who send their boards of directors to participate in educational sessions including EEO, wage and hour, Davis Bacon, federal contract compliance and OSHA.  Board members gather to bring back information to their various memberships. Getting these federal employees out to meet separately with 100 different firms on all islands in a timely manner would be an inefficient waste of time, money and federal resources.

Federal employee participation in educational conferences is a must as education can only foster compliance while ignorance only feeds potential violations.