The Institute of Food Technologists exists to advance the science of food, with the vision of ensuring a safe, abundant food supply leading to healthier people everywhere. The IFT Annual meeting attracts 25,000 attendees worldwide and is the primary meeting bringing all the science of food together in one place. The cornerstone of our meeting is the ability to bring the best scientific, academic, industry and government minds together to learn from one another and address the critical issues in food safety and defense, health and wellness, ingredient efficacy and fortification, food chemistry and engineering and processing and packaging.

It is a rich environment of learning and scientific exploration.

To limit government employees ability to attend, participate and contribute to these conversations and learning’s blunts scientific inquiry and deprives government staff in charge of developing and implementing the regulatory framework of the ability to interact with the very people who ensure regulatory compliance.

Their jobs would become untenable and candidly ill informed. The government also misses a wonderful opportunity to gain feedback on proposals and advocate for their reasoning.

The ability to learn from and contribute to the food science profession would be lost to these employees.