The Laser Institute of America puts on three annual and one bi-annual conference where we bring experts from around the world to speak on the latest knowledge concerning laser hazards, both beam and non-beam, bio-effects, different novel laser usage and safe operating procedures, accidents as well as lessons learned, and suggested policy/procedures in a variety of fields. Our conferences also deal with the latest discoveries in laser material processing including cutting, welding, and ablating, optical measurements/imaging/control, ultra fast lasers, laser nanotechnology and laser additive manu -facturing.  These conferences are important for government employees to attend because it exposes them to information which they would not get any place else.  Also, it offers the employees the unique opportunity to discuss their issues and questions with experts, those with whom they would not normally come in contact. In fact, it has been LIA’s experience that all our attendees prefer these face-to-face meetings over video and webinar type conferences because it gives them immediate access to the experts.