Looking Back-Looking Forward: 2012 Public Architects Workshop, Washington, D. C.

In a long tradition spanning almost two decades, the Public Architects Advisory Group (PAAG) planned and hosted a widely attended and highly successful pre-convention workshop on May 15, 2012 in Washington, D.C.

The Workshop, entitled, “Excellence in Public Architecture: Federal; State; Regional; Local-International and Beyond,” included an opening keynote address by Stephen Ayers, FAIA, Architect of the U.S. Capital. The workshop conducted six sessions and panel discussions led by many accomplished practitioners and public sector architects. Approximately 277 architects attended those sessions that covered diverse topics about public architecture of all sectors, from American and international architects ranging from the History of the U. S. Capitol to Public Architecture in Israel. The inspirational closing session during lunch was given by David Burney, FAIA, Commissioner of Design and Construction for New York City. The session titles for the 2012 and wonderful agendas and materials are available here for reference.

Following the 2012 Workshop, the Architect of the Capitol generously allowed the AIA Public Architects to conduct a wonderful reception at the United States Botanic Garden. The event was immensely popular as it sold out with over 300 architects in attendance, included a chamber group and gourmet refreshments, thoughts by Lane Beougher, AIA, CSI, 2012 AIA Public Architects Advisory Group Chair, and attendance by many past members and chairs of the leadership of Public Architects through the AIA.