The Association’s annual meeting provides a multi-faceted forum for all aerospace medical disciplines and concurrently provides continuing education credits and maintenance of certification for those attending the meeting.  Lectures, seminars, panels, poster presentations, workshops, films, and technical and scientific exhibits present data on the latest results of clinical and research studies. No other meeting brings together such a diverse group of specialists – clinical health directors, physicians, scientists, and nurses from the armed services, civil and military aviation, academia, and industry, plus the many private practitioners in all clinical specialties – who care for the total civilian flying population on a daily basis. International representation is evident among both program participants and attendees.

Challenges still exist in the Aerospace Medicine communities. Hypoxia problems associated with the F-22 aircraft, fatigue issues in aircrew and air traffic controllers, mental health issues in flight crews, human factors prob­lems in aviation and space operations all point to challenges in health, safety, and human performance for Aerospace Medicine.  Our meetings offer presentations from diverse experts that  enhance the world’s knowledge and understand­ing of the current challenges in Aerospace Medicine and how we can transform those challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities.

Education is the primary objective of the Aerospace Medical Association’s An­nual Scientific Meeting. It is designed from meeting evaluation forms, periodic surveys, and abstracts submitted. The latest results are presented in sessions designed for aerospace medicine physicians in clinical practice and related research, aerospace physiologists, human performance specialists, and allied scientists. The scientific program benefits medical residents, medical and graduate students, and advanced undergraduates who have an interest in aerospace medicine.  Continuing education credits are available for participants. Profes­sional development and the other core competencies as outlined by the Ameri­can Board of Preventive Medicine will be highlighted throughout the meeting.

Opportunities are provided to learn about the latest products and services from our many technical and scientific exhibitors.  Other opportunities include the two plenary lectures; our annual business luncheon designed to give members the opportunity to help govern our association; awards luncheons and banquets to honor the best and the brightest among your fellow professionals; and the spouses program, which is open to all spouses and friends of AsMA members.

Networking is also a great benefit of our meeting because we bring together the international experts from all aspects of the aerospace community.  Ideas for research, careers, projects, and presentations are forged during our meet­ing.  And the friendships made will last a lifetime. Our Aerospace Medical Association is diverse, with 11 constituent and over 30 affiliate organizations, representing a wide range of endeavors and inter­ests, including clinical and basic research, regulatory and administrative medi­cine, human performance, and many more. Our members ask the questions and seek the answers. Our members find the answers and apply them to the aviator, the astronaut, the regulatory body, and the manufacturer. Our members contribute to the growing body of scientific aerospace knowledge and lead us in scientific advances.

As a result of our previous 83 Annual Scientific Meetings, the Aerospace Medical Association has provided its expertise to a multitude of Federal and international agencies on a broad range of issues, including aviation and space medical standards, the aging pilot, and physiological stresses of flight.