On Thursday, association executives from across the country will visit Capitol Hill to advocate for the value of association meetings. Their visits, however, can be only as successful as the support received from association professionals from every state that are unable to attend in person. Members of Congress need to see a wide range of support for the association community from their constituents. On March 15, you will have the opportunity to participate in Virtual American Associations Day.

What does participating in Virtual American Associations Day entail? Taking one or more of the following actions:

  • Sending this pre-written email on March 15 to your member of Congress that reinforces what in-person attendees will be bringing to the Hill.
  • Using the hash tag #pwra on Twitter and tweeting the message that associations are improving the economy and society (see our social media guide here for examples as well as how to “@” a member of Congress).
  • Setting up a meeting with your member of Congress when they return to the district.

For more information about Virtual American Associations Day, contact Robert Hay at 202.626.2788 or rhay@asaenet.org.