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Many book buyers are adjusting to the new world of reading books not in physical form but on their tablets or digital reading devices.  For those consumers loyal to independent book sellers, this has been a rough adjustment as the major ebook sellers have been larger online companies like Amazon who can offer books regardless of location.  To help independent booksellers connect with customers and buy ebooks from these local sellers, the American Booksellers Association (ABA) has teamed up with Bluefire Productions to release a new “IndieBound Reader” app.

IndieBound Reader is a way for an indie-loving customer to find, download, and read ebooks sold by a local seller.  After downloading the app, a customer can find sellers by zip code and search for ebooks from a list of local participants.  These sellers have partnered with Google Books to provide a platform to sell their ebooks.  Consumers can buy the ebook and read it on their device, just like they could if they were purchasing an Amazon or Barnes & Noble ebook.  The app currently is only available for Android systems (like the Samsung Galaxy tablet or Motorola Droid smartphone), but ABA plans to announce an Apple app in the near future.

“With the release of IndieBound Reader, independent bookstores are taking another major step forward as players on the digital stage, “said ABA Technology Director Matt Supko. “A year after the launch of Google eBooks, indies have become a vital and fast-growing part of the ebook market, thanks to their creativity, marketing savvy, and knack for matching the customer with the best book for them-print or digital. The IndieBound Reader app gives independent bookstores a home on the most popular mobile devices, making it easier than ever for customers to shop local when they shop digital.”

To download the app for your Android system, visit here.