The National Association of EMS Educators is a 501 ( c ) non-profit educational association that has been incorporated since 1995. It is a professional membership organization that is made up of over 3,000 EMS educators, both nationally and internationally, that include Instructors, Program Directors, Deans, Training Officers, EMS Physicians, EMS Nurses and EMS State Officials. It is governed by a board of directors and the home office is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. The mission of The National Association of EMS Educators is to inspire excellence in EMS education and lifelong learning within the global community.

NAEMSE is a leader in the EMS world and provides a vast amount of resources and guidance to the EMS education community. NAEMSE implements an array of educational programs throughout the year including an educational symposium, EMS instructor course and education standards workshop.

NAEMSE proudly implements the EMS Instructor Course all over the country, several times per year. In 2005 this program, which has been designed and developed by the same individuals who produced the DOT/NHTSA 2002 National Guidelines for Educating EMS Instructors, represents the didactic component and practical application of the beginning education process to become an EMS instructor. The content of this course aligns the NAEMSE developed modules with the curriculum objectives of the 2002 National Guidelines, and has been designed to provide a basic introduction of concepts for the beginning EMS educator. NAEMSE recognizes that the development of a professional EMS educator requires many components including: formalized education in all aspects of the educational process, practical experience in teaching and mentoring by other members of the educational team to foster personal growth and development.

Over 4,000 EMS educators at all levels of instruction have participated in this course and have vastly improved the way they now teach their students. Many EMS educators are not professionally trained teachers, this course covers topics related to the foundation of education including; Adult Learner, Learning Styles, Motivation , Discipline, Cultural Awareness, Lesson Plans, Ethics, Affective Domain, Teaching Psychomotor Skills, Evaluation & Remediation, Legal, Goals & Objectives / Domains of Learning, Facilitation & Communication, Teaching Thinking Skills and presentation Styles. Educators walk away from this class excited and inspired to teach a new generation of EMS professionals.

A superior faculty and support staff are the masterminds behind the NAEMSE EMS Instructor Course. These individuals are traveling around the country with the simple mission of inspiring excellence in EMS education and lifelong learning within the global community. The workshop not only affects the participants but the students back at their designated institutions.

NAEMSE would like the general public to know that by us helping EMS educators become better professionals they in turn are helping shape skilled, safe and responsible public safety professionals of the future. Public safety is an important aspect of life both in urban and rural areas of the country. NAEMSE hopes that every citizen should rest assure that they are being properly taken care of in an emergency situation and we know proudly that our course may have affected the way they perform.