After gathering comments and support from the association community for the past few weeks, ASAE has crafted its comments to the Office of Government Ethics expressing our concern over their language mis-identifying the role of trade associations in public life.  You can find the ASAE comments here, as well as our accompanying fact sheet on this proposed rule here.

While we encourage you to submit your own comments to OGE, our goal is to have a large number of associations, business partners, and travel organizations join ASAE in our comments as well to show the Obama Administration the value of association meetings and events, particularly for federal employees.  While we recognize that exemptions have been built in for different types of associations and meetings, the fact that the proposed rule singles out trade associations with stricter restrictions and then fails to give any examples or guidelines for organizations planning these events is concerning.

We urge you to sign on to our comments (you can do so via our webform hereMicrosoft Word document here or pdf document here) as well as submit your own comments to the Office of Government Ethics with your own stories.  The deadline for signatures to ASAE’s comments is Tuesday, October 18 by close of business. If you have any questions, please contact the Public Policy Department at (202) 626-2703 or