The National Restaurant Association and the Texas Restaurant Association are teaming up to launch the “Freedom is Sweet”™ campaign to support rehabilitation efforts of returning American troops.  The campaign, whose website is, supports all branches of service and their families through housing, medical, athletic, occupational and physical training programs.  While limited to Texas this year, the National Restaurant Association hopes to work with state associations to expand it nationwide beginning next year.

On Veterans Day (November 11), participating restaurants will donate a portion of desert sales to the campaign.  Restaurants can either take proceeds from existing deserts, create a specialty drink or desert, offer free deserts to active duty military, or solicit donations to the charity from customers.

“Our military veterans who have returned home from service and those who are still standing their post have serious needs that we as a community in Texas can and will support,” said Richie Jackson, CEO, Texas Restaurant Association, “We’re proud to be the inaugural leaders of Freedom is Sweet! in the United States and we hope every restaurant will join us this Veteran’s Day to support our military families.”