The Power of A has shown repeatedly that associations are driving the economic recovery through their meetings and conventions, but occasionally it is interesting to look at specific industries to see how specific types of associations are leaders within a field.  The Healthcare Convention & Exhibitors Association did just that with the press release last week showing the top 50 largest medical professionals’ meetings in 2010.

A majority of the list of meetings are association conventions, including the top two.  The Greater New York Dental Meeting, held in November 2010 and sponsored by two New York state dental societies, saw 58,135 total attendees and 34,637 dental professionals participate in all aspects of the meeting.  In a close second was the Radiological Society of North America, whose late November/early December meeting in Chicago had 58,044 attendees and 27,190 professionals attending.  Other associations in the top ten (location in parentheses) include the American Society of Clinical Oncology (Chicago), Society for Neuroscience (San Diego), Chicago Dental Society (Chicago), the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (New Orleans), HIMSS (Atlanta), Massachusetts Dental Society (Boston), and the California Dental Association (Anaheim).

In addition, HCEA noted that 2010 saw an increase of 5.1% in total attendance for all medical meetings over 2009, while professional attendance in these meetings increased over 7%.  These numbers illustrate the power of association meetings to the economic recovery at the national, state, and local level.

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