For many homeowners, in the aftermath of any disaster (large or small) a major headache is dealing with insurance companies and the sometimes tedious process of documenting the items lost that are covered under their insurance policies.  Even in a situation where only part of the home is damaged, homeowners have to know exactly what was in the damaged area to ensure they are able to fully account for their possessions.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners sought to help consumers do just that with their app.  The app, now available in the Apple and Android marketplaces, is a free and easy way for homeowners to document all of their possession in case they need the information for a claim.  Users can take pictures of their possessions or scan bar codes, then file items by room.  When the user is done cataloging their possessions, they can email themselves a spreadsheet which can be sorted by room, category, or name.  This allows a homeowner to quickly and correctly file an insurance claim in case of any home damage.

“A home inventory assures you know exactly what you own, and what it’s worth, before you need to make a claim,” says NAIC President and Iowa Insurance Commissioner Susan E. Voss. “Our research, however, suggests almost half of all Americans don’t have an inventory of their possessions. Our new iPhone® app makes it easy to document your stuff. Knowing what you own will help you choose the right coverage in the first place.”