The Aluminum Association, an organization located in Arlington VA, announced its first ever photo scavenger hunt contest yesterday.  Residents of all 50 U.S. states and DC are encouraged to form teams and take pictures of the different ways aluminum are used in their community.  All teams that capture 20 or more photos of aluminum usage on a list provided by the association are entered in a random drawing to win prizes, including an iPad 2 for the grand prize-winning team and other tech gadgets for other winners.  The contest runs July 29-31.

The point of the contest is to highlight the use of aluminum in everyday life and how important it is to society.  The association in its news release notes that over 75% of all aluminum created since 1886 is still in use today, and the contest will hopefully enlighten participants to the materials’ usage around them.

In order to ensure the photographs were taking by the team, participants are encouraged to capture pictures of team members using these aluminum products in everyday life. Additionally, the team is required to create an aluminum “totem” that is present in all pictures.  Pictures should be uploaded to Flickr and emailed to James Lewis at  All information and requirements can be found on their Facebook page.