Two 1099 repeal amendments were debated yesterday as part of the food safety bill, but both failed under the Senate’s 2/3rds rule for passage.

The Johanns amendment (S.Amdt 4702) was a complete repeal with the offset coming from rescinding $39 billion in non-Defense Department discretionary spending, i.e. unused stimulus funds.  His amendment failed 61-35, with 21 Democrats voting for the amendment.  You can see the vote breakdown here.

The Baucus amendment (S.Admt. 4713) would also have completely repealed the new 1099 requirements, but did not contain an offset.  His bill also gave the Treasury Department the authority to ease redundant reporting requirements as well as the ability to carry out a repeal.  His amendment failed on a 44-53 vote, with many “no” votes expressing concern about adding to the deficit.  You can see the roll call of votes here.