This guest post was written by Bob Benedict, CAE, Executive Director of the Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors of Nevada.  Bob is an annual fly-in participant and wanted to share his view on the importance of American Associations Day.

Last year, I was new to Nevada and so when I attended the fly-in I was prepared to visit with the staff members of each of the three Members of Congress from our new state.  I am a realist since I worked on the Hill for many years as a staffer myself and I fully expected only to see staff members.  The power of ASAE resulted in my visiting with all three of our Members for several minutes each.  We got the ASAE message across and I established relationships that will last for many years.

Later in the year, I visited these same Members for my own association and was warmly received in each case because of the previous visit.  At the meeting with Rep. Dina Titus (D-NV) this past spring during the fly-in, she indicated that she had an avid interest in education and I was able to relate information about our apprenticeship program to her.  She took an immediate interest and I indicated we would consider it an honor if she would attend our graduation exercises in the spring and she readily agreed.  This will form the basis for a continuing relationship in the future.

Both ASAE and PHCC benefited from the Power of A.