Earlier this week, representatives of several organizations and associations with a stake in health care reform were called to the White House to provide their perspectives on reforming the health care system and reducing costs.

“[W]e have joined together in an unprecedented effort, as private sector stakeholders—physicians, hospitals, other health care workers, payors, suppliers, manufacturers, and organized labor—to offer concrete initiatives that will transform the health care system,” wrote the collective leaders of six health care organizations.

This joint effort is exactly what www.thepowerofa.org seeks to demonstrate — that, combined, associations are problem solvers with the experience, expertise and resources needed to tackle the toughest challenges our country faces.

That President Obama called our country’s associations to the center of the debate is strong evidence that associations and their members are (and will be) critically important resources as this administration works toward health care reform.

Not every association, however, will have the opportunity to have the ear of the President on every issue.  That’s where www.thepowerofa.org comes in.  In a previous post, ASAE CEO John Graham asked readers and association members, “Imagine if you were sitting across the table today with a member of the Obama administration or a legislative director for a member of Congress. What would you want them to know about your association and your members that might assist them in crafting good policy?”

Leaders of several associations had the privilege of answering that question this week.  It’s a question that’s as critical now as ever.  To give your answer, click ‘get involved‘ to give your answer or comment below and let us know what you think about the recent Health Care summit.

Chris Vest
Director, Public Policy