Most Major Issues Ducked by Finance Committee

The Senate Finance Committee yesterday continued to debate the list of amendments to its comprehensive health care reform legislation, but conspicuously absent from the discussion were any amendments tied to the major issues being discussed by members of Congress and the media, according to Politico.  At the beginning of yesterday’s hearing, the first amendment discussed… Read more »

Public Option Voted Down in Finance Committee

In a move the national media is decrying as the death of the public option, the Senate Finance Committee voted down two amendments yesterday that would have inserted language into the Chairman’s Mark creating and funding a public insurance plan run by the federal government. The Chairman’s Mark currently has language funding the creation of… Read more »

What Will Finance Do on Health Care?

Members of Congress and staffers have the day off in recognition of Yom Kippur, but even with the break they are preparing for a contentious week of health care debating. Most of the attention this week will be on the Senate Finance Committee, which resumes its markup of the Chairman’s Mark health care language tomorrow. … Read more »

ASAE Opposes Health Care Amendments Impacting Nonprofits

As the Senate Finance Committee today continues to wade through hundreds of amendments to the health care reform bill drafted by committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT), ASAE has taken issue with two specific proposals that have generated concern in the nonprofit community. The two amendments in question, filed by Senate Finance Ranking Member Charles Grassley… Read more »

Small Nonprofits Denied Health Care Subsidy

The New York Times brought attention nationally to an issue that has been debated in the nonprofit community for weeks: the idea that the comprehensive health care bill passed would provide financial support for small businesses that provide health insurance to their employees but deny the same benefit to small nonprofits. Among the three comprehensive… Read more »