The Texas legislature ended its special session last Tuesday without passing any legislation restricting the use of bathrooms by transgender individuals. ASAE worked with convention and visitor bureaus in Texas and the Keep Texas Open for Business coalition to oppose passage of legislation that would have denied public accommodations to members of the LGBTQ community… Read more »

With a difficult legislative agenda on deck when Congress returns from its August recess, President Trump this week called for a government shutdown if Congress does not approve funding for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Trump has been critical of “obstructionist” Democrats, but also of Republican lawmakers who he feels are not pushing his… Read more »

Republican tax-writers are planning to release more details next month about their proposal to overhaul the tax code, but say they want to get more buy-in from rank-and-file members first. GOP leaders are reportedly wary of rolling out a tax reform plan in the same manner as the Republican plan to repeal and replace the… Read more »