We are pleased to share the news that Senator Portman will offer an amendment during the Senate Finance Committee markup to repeal the nonqualified deferred compensation provision (insert specific bill text) that would negatively impact many associations. Please thank Senator Portman for his support on this important issue. We are asking association professionals and industry partners to… Read more »

Yesterday, the association community had a major win when provisions that would negatively impact the association community were removed from the House tax bill. Last night, however, the Senate released a bill that includes some of the same provisions we fought in the House bill along with several new proposals that we strongly believe would… Read more »

A big takeaway from Tuesday’s elections was that health care – specifically, Obamacare’s expansion of Medicaid – is of great importance to many voters. In Virginia, where the GOP-controlled House of Delegates had blocked Medicaid expansion for years, voters elected a whole slate of Democratic candidates who have pressed for Medicaid expansion that would cover… Read more »

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen gave a farewell news conference earlier this week and bluntly said Congress is to blame for many of the agency’s shortcomings because it failed to provide adequate funding. “I don’t want anybody to say they weren’t warned,” Koskinen told reporters. “I have not been shy. I have been concerned with funding… Read more »

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Senate leaders have shared a “conceptual mark” of their tax plan that is markedly different from the tax bill moving through the House. The Senate plan is being presented as a narrative, rather than actual bill text, to allow for more “fulsome and engaged discussion,” according to a statement from the Senate Finance Committee. Senate… Read more »