Every year across the country, associations are helping society by creating programs within their members’ expertise designed to improve society.  These programs, no matter the size or scope, personify the Power of A message that associations are economic and societal drivers.  The Power of A often posts examples of programs that benefit society, but we… Read more »

The House bill unveiled this morning is a 1,990 page document that the Congressional Budget Office has scored at $894 billion over ten years, covering an additional 36 million Americans and 97% of citizens overall.  You can see the legislation in its entirety here; the section-by-summary here; a list of major changes from HR 3200… Read more »

Yesterday, Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) held a press conference to unveil a few details of the Senate’s merged comprehensive health care bill.  Earlier in the day Reid sent a few variations of the comprehensive bill to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to be scored, so his press conference lacked a discussion of many… Read more »

Last week, forty-three House Democrats sent this letter to the House Democratic leadership asking that in the final House bill nonprofit organizations be included in any small employer subsidy.  Currently, the House bill (HR 3200) has a provision that any employer who has fewer than 25 employees whose average salary is under $40,000 that offers… Read more »