McConnell Slow-Walks Health Bill in Senate

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is tempering expectations for passing an Obamacare replacement bill in the Senate any time soon. “This is a really tough issue,” McConnell told Bloomberg News. “You all covered extensively the difficulty of getting a bill out of the House. It won’t be any easier getting it out of the Senate.”… Read more »

Senate Leaders Drafting Their Own Health Bill

Less than a week after House Republicans journeyed to the White House to celebrate passing the GOP health bill, Senate leaders are working behind closed doors on a substantially different package. Republican senators said they are eyeing major changes to the bill that House members are defending during their one-week recess this week. Republicans hold… Read more »

Democrats Introduce Federal LGBTQ-Rights Bill

Congressional Democrats introduced legislation on Tuesday that would add sexual orientation and gender identity to other protected classes identified in the Civil Rights Act, such as race and religion. The Equality Act was introduced simultaneously by 46 Democratic senators and 194 members of the House. The bill would explicitly ban discrimination against LGBTQ individuals in… Read more »

House GOP Plans Health Care Vote Today

House leaders now believe they have the votes to pass the GOP health care bill later today after agreeing to add a provision to give states an additional $8 billion in funding to help cover insurance costs for sick people and those with pre-existing conditions. “We have enough votes,” said House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy… Read more »