ASAE Power of A Awards

The 2014 Power of A Awards application process is now open!

ASAE created the Power of A Awards to showcase how associations leverage their unique resources to solve problems, advance industry/professional performance, kickstart innovation and improve world conditions. Associations are involved in activities every day that make a substantial, positive impact on our lives. For inspiration, check out the videos of last year’s Summit Award winners and consider how recognition through ASAE’s Power of A Awards program can benefit not only your organization, but the collective association community.

2013 Summit Award Recipients

Council of Better Business Bureaus


American Society of Hematology


Edison Electric Institute



Thurgood Marshall College Fund


Central Arizona Dental Society


National Safe Boating Council



Six associations were honored with the 2013 Power of A Summit Awards, representing the very best characteristics and leadership in the association community.

Watch the video for each Summit Award winner below:

American Society of Hematology: The ASH Bridge Grant Award Program

Central Arizona Dental Society: Arizona Mission of Mercy

Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc.: Virtual BBB of Greater Los Angeles

Edison Electric Institute: EEI Mutual Assistance Partnership

National Safe Boating Council: “Ready, Set, Wear It!” Life Jacket World Record Day

Thurgood Marshall College Fund: The Annual Leadership Institute

Why Enter?

The Power of A Awards program helps associations:

  • Promote awareness of the innovative, results-oriented programs and initiatives undertaken by your association.
  • Attain third-party validation of your activities that you can share with your association’s membership, volunteer leaders, and other stakeholders.
  • Justify continued investment in programs and activities that are related to the core mission or purpose of your association.
  • Showcase for policymakers, the media, and other outside audiences how your association helps advance not only the industry or profession you represent, but also national and world conditions.


The Power of A Awards are open to:

  • Associations of all types
  • Association management companies (AMCs) that submit applications on behalf of their association clients
  • Industry partners that undertake initiatives in coordination with associations

Award Categories

Power of A Awards are given in the following categories:

The Power to Enrich Lives (open to all)

  • Has your association drawn on the talents and expertise of members and/or volunteers to address an immediate crisis or long-term problem in your community or society at large?

The Power to Create a Competitive Workforce (open to all)

  • Has your association undertaken initiatives that helped create jobs? Has your association created unique professional development or skills training opportunities that have significantly advanced the industry or profession you represent?

The Power to Prepare for the Future (open to all)

  • Has your association conducted or facilitated research that helps your members prepare for the future or focus on emerging trends facing your industry or profession? Has your organization developed new strategies for problem solving, including sustaining services in times of declining resources or cutting through red tape in times of critical community need?

The Power to Innovate (open to all)

  • Has your association developed new products, services or strategies that have changed the landscape or measurably improved conditions for your industry or profession?

The Power to Make a Better World (open to international associations and U.S.-based associations engaged in international activities)

  • Has your association been engaged in activities, programs or initiatives to improve conditions or address challenges in countries outside the United States? Has your association been involved in developing an associations culture or presence in developing nations?

The online application form for The Power of A Awards is easy to fill out and not overly time-intensive. The cost to submit an application is $50.


If you have questions about The Power of A Awards or completing an application, please contact ASAE’s Public Policy Department at 202-626-2703 or email us at