Today and tomorrow (March 15/16), we celebrate American Associations Day by showcasing how in every industry, state and sector, associations strengthen lives, the economy, jobs, safety and security – and much more.

One of the easiest ways you can take part is to use your organizations’ social media channels post messages about how your members’ work makes America stronger. Thank your members, and let them know that they are part of a larger, powerful association community that collectively makes a difference every day.

ASAE has created a graphic for you to post and share with members and the public. You can find it here (scroll down) along with a Power of Associations one-pager from which you can pull copy and statistics about associations at large.

To make it as easy as possible for you and your organization to participate, below are some sample Tweets and Posts you can use along with the graphic we’ve created. We also urge you to follow @Power_Of_A on Twitter to follow the days’ action and share our news and photos. Tomorrow, 200 of our fellow association professionals will visit Capitol Hill to demonstrate how associations help strengthen America and illustrate how America works best when we work together.

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On American Associations Day, we celebrate how associations strengthen the economy, create jobs, protect and enhance lives. #AssociationsStrengthenAmerica #PWRA (link to

(Your association name) thanks our members today, American Associations Day, for all you do to make America stronger, safer and a better place to live. #StrongerByAssociation #PWRA (link to

(Your association name) makes America stronger by (insert how and a link to your information). #AmericanAssociationsDay #PWRA

Please contact Mary Kate Cunningham, ASAE Public Policy Department staff, at 202-626-2787 or with any questions.