ASAE President and CEO John Graham, FASAE, CAE, put out the following statement to ASAE members on Nov. 9:

“A deeply contentious and emotional national election is over and no matter how we feel personally about the outcome, we as association leaders have a unique challenge and opportunity to impact public policy in a positive way and put our resources to work for the betterment of society and the world at large.

While campaigns can be divisive, associations are responsible for bringing people together. We share common interests to advance the industries and professions we represent, and to have the association sector recognized for its expertise, its passion for helping others, and its role in advancing the economy and the quality of life in communities all over the world.

A new Administration and new Congress will take office in January. We wish them success in doing what is right and best for the American people and we hope they view associations as ready partners in the development of effective public policy and the advancement of our nation. Associations have always had much to give, and our role in the world has never been more important. That’s The Power of A.”