Call for Entries

Deadline extended! The deadline for the Power of A Awards has been extended to May 4, 2012.  Get your entries in today!

In 2011, the Associations Advance America Awards and the Associations Make a Better World Awards became The Power of A Awards, the premier program honoring associations that exemplify how the association industry and professionals are essential to a stronger America and World.

Entering your program for a Power of A Award is easy. And at the 2012 Summit Awards Dinner we will celebrate the most extraordinary contributions associations make to society.

Read more about judging criteria and apply for a Power of A Award online —

Entry Form

The deadline to enter your program is May 4, 2012.

Awards Categories / and what they mean

The Power to Enrich Lives: Does my association have a program improving society or promoting social responsibility? Is my association educating the public on an important issue?

The Power to Create a Competitive Workforce: Has my association created a widely adopted set of best practices for the profession or industry? Are we using a new technology (or existing technology in a new way) to improve society or the economy?

The Power to Prepare for the Future: Are we conducting research that is vital to society? Are we developing new strategies to make an important process more efficient or effective?

The Power to Innovate: Is my association developing new products or services benefiting communities and enrich society?

The Power to Make a Better World: Are we improving the world economy? Are we making the world a better place? Is my association based outside of the U.S. and making my home country better?